4 Works in this category
  • SonicChair (2008)

    by Thomas Hermann & Risto Koiva

    This interactive office chair gives auditory feedback that encourages users to be more dynamic on their chair, for instance to avoid back problems from a overly static working style.

  • Blindminton (2006)

    by Thomas Hermann, Oliver Höner & Helge Ritter

    In the audio-only sports game "Blindminton" the ball is not visible but audible; its relative position to the players is simulated by a computer and communicated via sonification, leading to a motivating and in future hopefully also exhaustive sports game (not only) for blind players.

  • Auditory Augmentation at your Fingertips (2010)

    by René Tünnermann, Till Bovermann & Thomas Hermann

    The auditory characteristic of a computer keyboard is altered according to the weather situation outside.

  • Crush-2 (2011)

    by Natasha Barrett & Karen Mair

    Crush is an interactive sound-art installation exploring the microscopic forces released during the process of crushing rock.