Lydgalleriet has supported the exhibition. It is an experimental gallery for sound based art practices, and exhibits international sound based art and initiates local art production in Bergen. It explores today’s plethora of experimental sound based art and auditive cultures through gallery shows, concerts and interventions in public spaces.


It was founded by a group of musicians, sound artists, art historians and art organisers, and is directed by Jørgen Larsson. Lydgalleriet is currenlty an associated partner with the Resonance project, an EU-funded collaboration between seven organisations towards the production, presentation, documentation and exchange of experience in the field of contemporary sound art.

Lydgalleriet has made projects in different locations since November 2005, and is currently located at USF Verftet. Lydgalleriet offers a selection of CDs, DVDs and books of sound based art and related practices, and is also building a collection of small and medium sized sound based art objects for sale.