This interactive office chair gives auditory feedback that encourages users to be more dynamic on their chair, for instance to avoid back problems from a overly static working style.

The interactive sonification of tacTiles used on an office chair can provide auditory feedback that triggers users to be more dynamic and flexible on the chair. This application of tacTiles is an interactive office chair that reacts to the movements of the office worker with interactive sound. The sonification of the chair user's movements could help reducing back problems in office work contexts.

TacTiles are a wireless modular tactile sensitive surface element that can be laid on the floor or furniture and can be used for a variety of applications. They can be used as interface for human-computer interaction or ambient information systems. The system can be used for real-time sonification for process monitoring and biofeedback. Future applications could include pairing tacTiles with sonification for games.


Dr. Thomas Hermann is computer scientist, senior lecturer and head of the Ambient Intelligence group within the Center of Excellence in Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC). His research is focussed on Sonification, Interactive Systems, and Datamining.

Risto Kõiva's fields of interest are sensorics, robotics and computer control. He is currently pursuing a PhD program in Computer Science at the Neuroinformatics Group (AG Neuroinformatik) of the Bielefeld University. 


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